Insulet file uploader

Uploads raw insulet file into the tidepool platform


Configuration values (for example the URL of the Tidepool Platform) are set via environment variables. If you need to add a config value, modify the .config.js file. To set config values (do this before building the app), you can use Shell scripts that export environment variables, for example:

$ source config/


node ibf_loader.js -f /path/to/Insulet-file.ibf -u <your_username> -p <your_pw>
  • --file
    • short code -f
    • path to the insulet ibf file path
  • --username
    • short code -u
    • username who that data is being loaded for
  • --password
    • short code -p
    • password for this user
  • --timezone
    • short code -t
    • named timezone
    • default is config.DEFAULT_TIMEZONE

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