Overview of features

Blip is a web app for people with type 1 diabetes (PwDs) and their care teams. There are four main areas of functionality provided by the app:

  • signing up for a Tidepool platform account, which includes:
    • verifying the sign-up e-mail address
    • accepting Tidepool's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy
    • setting up a "data storage account" (DSA)
  • adding & updating user profile information
  • editing & updating account settings (e-mail address & password)
  • viewing diabetes device data & notes + adding or responding to notes

Hint: reading through the state tree glossary (especially the actions and working section) should yield a pretty thorough overview of all the actions available to a user in blip, since we track the status of actions (at least those requiring communication with Tidepool's servers) in the state tree.

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