Integration testing with Nightwatch

NB: Due to difficulties with running the Nightwatch tests on TravisCI, we have disabled them. The information here should be relevant to anyone trying to fix the setup and add more tests later, but at the moment (mid-November 2016) we are neither running nor adding to the integration tests.


  1. Java JDK (for Selenium)
  2. Docker


NB: If you're running the platform locally with runservers, you can skip directly to (3).

(1) Launch the default docker machine: Mac (docker-machine start default) or Win

(2) Launch test containers with:

$ docker-compose up -d

(3) Run Nightwatch with:

$ npm run nightwatch

By default this will run all the tests in the integration/ directory.

If you're working on Nightwatch tests and you've already built blip, you can just run the tests without the build with:

$ npm run nightwatch-single


(1) Exit test containers with:

$ docker-compose down

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