In addition to the React and React DOM core libraries, we have chosen the following dependencies from the React ecosystem for use across all Tidepool's React applications to handle various common use cases:

* = In development only.

Dev Tools

  • * react-hot-loader 3.x for hot reloading during development (no manual refreshing in the browser needed after changing code)


  • react-redux for the official React bindings for Redux


  • babel-plugin-rewire for dependency injection into ES2015/ES6 modules (and, more specifically and most commonly in our Redux work, mocking API calls via "rewiring" the API wrapper that is passed through props (in blip) or as part of the initialization of the async action creators (in the uploader)) [Sidenote: babel-plugin-rewire essentially provides the same functionality, although via a different API, as rewire does for ES5 JavaScript, which we also have as a dependency in our client web applications.]
  • enzyme in our newer React codebases for nice syntactic sugar making it easier to test React components
  • react-addons-test-utils as a dependency for Enzyme or on its own in our older React codebases for basic React testing utilities

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