@jebeck's guide to handling datetimes at Tidepool

tl;dr: Handling datetimes in the modern world is hard. Like, really freaking hard. 😓

What are some of the things that make it hard? A short list: DST, frequent cross-timezone travel, and technology like smart phones and browsers operating in an always locale-aware manner. This is @jebeck's handy guide to the most common situations at Tidepool where you'll have to handle datetimes and the best strategies for doing so.


We need to start with the same vocabulary, as some terms are similar but the differences between them can be crucial. Before continuing with this guide, review the following terms in the glossary:

It is also essential for those handling datetimes on diabetes devices for ingestion into the Tidepool platform to review the falsehoods Tidepoolers (want to) believe about diabetes device times. (It is certainly advisable for those handling datetimes on diabetes data in the client(s) to review this list as well, but it isn't quite as essential.)

In addition to these prerequisites, here are a few readings and videos that are also well worth study, though maybe not all at once:

The guide(s)

The first key takeaway is that there is not one guide to datetimes at Tidepool. There are three: three distinct guides for three quite distinct situations. Or really, three distinct types of datetimes that are encountered regularly in the Tidepool codebase. So the first question a Tidepool engineer should ask themself is, "What kind of datetime am I trying to manipulate?" Then look at the appropriate guide below:

a. Hat tip to @darinkrauss for linking this one in the Tidepool Slack!

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