@tidepool/viz developer guide

This repository, which is published to npm as @tidepool/viz is a library providing data visualization components and state management tools for use in blip, Tidepool's main web application for people with type 1 diabetes and their care teams to view and contextualize (via notes) the PwD's diabetes device data.

You can view (some of) the components in this library via two Storybooks published as static sites:

  1. components rendering data types in the Tidepool data model
  2. all other components

As you're getting ready to develop code in this repository, we recommend starting with the following documents:

The root-level README contains the nuts & bolts of installing, configuring, and commands to accomplish various tasks.

The per-view documentation is the place to look for details on the implementation of each major data "view" implemented in this repository for inclusion in blip.

Finally, there are some miscellaneous docs on miscellaneous topics:

  • Common props documents and provides a quick reference to a few very common props you will see used and passed around many viz components.
  • Working on docs contains guidance on getting set up to add to this documentation.
  • Time rendering modes documents the difference between the "timezone-aware" (default) and "timezone-naïve" rendering modes.

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