the doc template generator

This command-line tool generates or regenerates Markdown files for types or sub-types in the Tidepool data model(s). At present, it is designed to be run from within the bin/ directory, although it is on @jebeck's list of things to do to make it more flexible. As with any (good...) command-line tool, you can pass it the argument --help to get information about the arguments it takes and their syntax. The tool itself is a node script, but it is executable, so it can be run just like any bash script:

$ ./docTemplateGenerator.js --help

The present usage (although always use --help in case this meta-doc hasn't been updated!) is:

  Usage: docTemplateGenerator [options] <type>


    -h, --help                    output usage information
    -p, --path <value>            path to docs directory
    --subtype, --subType <value>  subType for this datum

The bash script employs the doc template generator to regenerate all the Markdown files for all data types. Tidepool developers are encouraged to use this script and discard any unnecessary changes to ensure that everything that should be updated gets updated. See the section on regenerating documents in the introduction for more details.


To regenerate the Markdown file for the wizard data type:

$ ./docTemplateGenerator.js wizard

To regenerate just the Markdown file documenting a basal with a deliveryType of temp:

$ ./docTemplateGenerator.js --subtype temp basal

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