the sample datum generator

This command-line tool generates sample JSON datums in all the types of the Tidepool data model(s) in a variety of formats, at the user's choice. As with any (good...) command-line tool, you can pass it the argument --help to get information about the arguments it takes and their syntax. The tool itself is a node script, but it is executable, so it can be run just like any bash script:

$ ./sampleDatumGenerator.js --help

The present usage (although always use --help in case this meta-doc hasn't been updated!) is:

  Usage: sampleDatumGenerator [options] <type>


    -h, --help                    output usage information
    -c, --clipboard               copy resulting sample JSON to clipboard
    -d, --datetime <value>        ISO-formatted datetime for datum
    -f, --format <value>          data format of client, ingestion, storage
    --subtype, --subType <value>  subType for this datum

Or, less concisely...

The only required argument is the type of the Tidepool data type, from those listed on the index page for diabetes data types.

Along with this mandatory argument, any of the following optional arguments or flags may appear in any order:

  • -c or --clipboard without an argument to copy the requested sample JSON to the system clipboard
  • -d or --datetime plus an ISO-formatted datetime to produce the sample datum at the given datetime
  • -f or --format plus one of client, ingestion, or storage to specify a format other than the default client format
  • --subtype or --subType plus an appropriate subType, deliveryType or manufacturer (from animas, insulet, medtronic, or tandem), depending on the data type of the sample datum under request


To generate a sample smbg datum (defaults to client format):

$ ./sampleDatumGenerator.js smbg

To generate a sample smbg datum at noon, April Fool's Day, 2016, UTC time:

$ ./sampleDatumGenerator.js smbg -d 2016-04-01T12:00:00+00:00

To do the same and copy the result to your operating system's clipboard:

$ ./sampleDatumGenerator.js smbg -d 2016-04-01T12:00:00+00:00 -c

To generate an extended ("square") bolus:

./sampleDatumGenerator.js bolus --subType square

To generate pumpSettings in the tandem format:

./sampleDatumGenerator.js --subtype tandem pumpSettings

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