Device Events (deviceEvent)

This is the Tidepool data type for a variety of events that can occur on diabetes devices, including both insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors. As a type it is essentially a "grab bag" of miscellaneous sub-types, where each sub-type has its own data model that often differs widely from sub-type to sub-type.

Note that prior to Tidepool's release of "bootstrapping to UTC" (BtUTC), this data type had deviceMeta as the value of its type field. Along with the release of BtUTC, we changed this value to deviceEvent to more accurately reflect the fact that this group of sub-types models various miscellaneous events that are either user-initiated or surfaced to the user and not device metadata that may be more-or-less user-invisible (or at least irrelevant to the user most of the time) such as device model and serial numbers, etc.

Each of the subTypes is documented on one of the following pages:

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