LifeScan OneTouch Verio, Verio Flex and Verio Reflect

Checklist for Blood Glucose Meter Implementation


  • [x] available in data protocol/documented in spec and implemented
  • [-] available in data protocol/documented in spec but not yet implemented
  • [?] unknown whether available in data protocol/documented in spec; not yet implemented
  • *[ ] TODO: needs implementation!
  • [ ] unavailable in data protocol and/or not documented in spec and not yet implemented)

Required if Present

  • [x] smbg values
  • [-] units of smbg values (read from device, not hard-coded)
  • [x] out-of-range values (LO or HI)
  • [ ] out-of-range value thresholds (e.g., often 20 for low and 600 for high on BGMs)
  • [ ] date & time settings changes
  • [ ] blood ketone values
  • [ ] units of blood ketone values (read from device, not hard-coded)
  • [ ] ketone out-of-range values
  • [ ] ketone out-of-range value thresholds
  • [x] use common.checkDeviceTime(currentDeviceTime, timezone, cb) to check against server time


  • Display units of smbg values are available in data protocol, but always reported in mg/dL
  • HI/LO values are not described in spec, but user manual states that values above 600 and below 20 mg/dL are out-of-range, and are annotated as such

No Tidepool Data Model Yet

  • [-] control (solution) tests (whether marked in UI or auto-detected) - until we have a data model, these should be discarded
  • [-] device settings, other than date & time (e.g., target blood glucose range)
  • [-] tag/note (e.g., pre- vs. post-meal)

Tidepool ingestion API

Choose one of the following:

  • [x] legacy "jellyfish" ingestion API
  • [ ] platform ingestion API

Known implementation issues/TODOs

Use this space to describe device-specific known issues or implementation TODOs not contained in the above datatype-specific sections.

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